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Sailpoint Identity IQ Free course Overview:-

The course “Sailpoint Identity IQ Free course training” is designed for students who are familiar with Identity Management tools and have a basic understanding of Java. This course is mainly for demo purpose.

Learning Stories with Identity Classes

Over 1500 people have chosen our courses to upskill their knowledge. Read their stories and know why Identity Classes is trusted by many of them.

Key concepts covered in Sailpoint Free training

  • Introduction to Identity Management System.
  • Overview of Sailpoint.
  • Various Hardware and Software Requirements for installing Sailpoint iiq.
  • Installing MySQL, JDK, and Tomcat.
  • Defining Sailpoint IIQ Schema.
  •  Deploying Sailpoint Application.
  • Introduction to Aggregation in Sailpoint
  • Onboarding Authoritative applications in Sailpoint
  • Identity Attributes and Mapping in Sailpoint
  • Defining creation rules in Sailpoint.
  • Onboarding Non-authoritative applications in Sailpoint
  • Provisioning Plan

Target Audience for Sailpoint IIQ Training

Current Opportunities

In the market, there are many identity management tools available but as per Gartner’s latest report, SailPoint Identity IQ is the leader in Identity and Governance domain. It’s in the leader’s quadrant for the past few years. Moreover, Identity and Access Management (IAM) market size are expected to grow from USD 16.00 billion in 2018 to USD 37.79 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.8% during the forecast period. This increase in demand will give rise to the scarcity of IAM resources and hence companies will bound to provide higher salary packages to these resources. As per my point of view, currently, it’s the best technology which provides the assurance to secure our future.

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