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This course will teach you how to Implement & Develop Sailpoint solutions from A to Z.

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Amit Kumar Gupta - OKTA Instructor

Amit Kumar Gupta. Identity and Access Management expert, currently Lead IAM Instructor at identityclasses.com

Meet your Mentor

Amit kumar gupta

Hi, I am Amit Kumar Gupta, the lead Instructor at identityclasses.com. This course will uncover all the basics to advanced concepts of Sailpoint, starting from Aggregation, Provisioning, Custom rules, LCM, Custom Workflow, Quicklinks & many more. You will learn How to Onboard complex applications to Sailpoint. You will find out how easy it is to become an expert in Sailpoint by exploring different techniques, following each stage, from real-time use case to implementation.

Becoming an Sailpoint Expert

Step by Step

Sailpoint Step-by-Step Training

Course Breakdown

✔️ Various Hardware and Software Requirements
✔️ Installing Linux in Virtual Box.
✔️ Installing MySQL, JDK, and Tomcat.
✔️ Defining Sailpoint IIQ Schema.
✔️ Configuring and deploying Sailpoint application.

✔️ Introduction to Aggregation
✔️ Onboarding Authoritative applications
✔️ Identity Attributes and Mapping
✔️ Defining creation rules
✔️ Onboarding Non-authoritative applications

✔️ LDAP Basics and installing OUD.
✔️ Defining and Configuring LDAP Application in Sailpoint
✔️ Provisioning to LDAP using Sailpoint.
✔️ Provisioning policy and configuring the Form in Sailpoint
✔️ Custom Rules to prepopulate Form Data in Sailpoint
✔️ Understanding groups in LDAP
✔️ Basics of LDAP Search
✔️ LDAP Group Aggregation in Sailpoint
✔️ Configuring Multivalued Attributes in Sailpoint
✔️ Various Schema Objects
✔️ How Authentication and authorization happens
✔️ Defining Web gate, PEP, Kerberos plugins.

✔️ JDBC API Basics
✔️ Realtime Business Use case scenario
✔️ Provisioning Plan in Sailpoint
✔️ Custom Before Provisioning Rule in Sailpoint
✔️ Sailpoint project setup in eclipse
✔️ Defining Database Application in Sailpoint
✔️ Custom Provisioning rule in Sailpoint
✔️ Managing Groups for Database in Sailpoint
✔️ Writing custom Provisioning rules to support groups

✔️ Understanding Attribute synchronization
✔️ Setting up Attribute synchronization for LDAP application
✔️ Setting up Attribute Synchronization for JDBC application

✔️ Installing Active Directory
✔️ Defining AD application in Sailpoint
✔️ Understanding and Installing IIQ Service
✔️ Customizing the OOTB functionality
✔️ Managing Entitlements and AD Groups in Sailpoint.
✔️ Business Use case implementation in Sailpoint for AD.

✔️ Setting up a Service Now instance
✔️ Downloading and applying the Update Sets in ServiceNow
✔️ Defining Service-Now Application in Sailpoint.
✔️ Provisioning for Users and Group in service-now via Sailpoint
✔️ Customizing the OOTB functionality

✔️ Customizing the Logo and Branding in Sailpoint
✔️ Customizing the Look and Feel of Sailpoint application.
✔️ Customizing the Identity, Application Attributes etc.

✔️ Defining Roles
✔️ Creating IT and Business Roles
✔️ Implementing Birth rights using Roles
✔️ Implementing Realtime Business Use case scenario.

✔️ Understanding LCM Basics
✔️ Defining OOTB Business Process in Sailpoint
✔️ Understanding LCM Sub-processes in Sailpoint
✔️ Custom Joiner Workflow creation
✔️ Custom Leaver Workflow creation
✔️ Custom Mover Workflow creation
✔️ QuickLinks in Sailpoint.
✔️ Workflow creation from Scratch.

✔️ Understanding Policy
✔️ Defining Policy
✔️ Defining Detective and Preventive Policy
✔️ Risk Administration
✔️ Understanding Certification
✔️ Creating custom certification campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our trainee is guaranteed to get world-class Sailpoint training experience from our industry experts. In addition, our training is unique; we do not follow any Traditional PPT-based classes in our sessions. Therefore, we will ensure our trainees experience how things work in real-time scenarios. Hence we provide practical exposure to practice on a real-time project.

Yes, you should meet below prerequisites. 

  • Basic Core Java Knowledge.
  • Basic Linux commands.
  • Laptop with at least 8 GB RAM and Core i5+ processor, and a working internet connection.

Yes, We will provide VM access to practice real-time projects to get familiar with Sailpoint.

After the training, you can easily justify 2-3 years of working experience on the Sailpoint. Once you complete all the Hands-on exercises, you will be easily able to Onboard complex applications on Sailpoint.

We will provide course completion certificate. After completing our Sailpoint training, you will be fully prepared to clear Sailpoint certification exam as well. 

For scheduling a doubt clearing session, you need to drop us an email mentioning all your open doubts. Then, we will schedule a live, one-on-one doubt clearing session with you on the upcoming weekend at a mutually agreed time.

You can drop your query on WhatsApp at +919046881874 or email us at support@identityclasses.com. We will respond to you with utmost urgency.

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