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SailPoint Advanced Training for Beginners


Ready to build a Successful cybersecurity career?

Master SailPoint and everything is possible…

There’s a reason our SailPoint Training is endorsed by industry professionals…

 To ensure you can build a lucrative career in cybersecurity without delay, we’ve created the ultimate SailPoint AdvancedTraining For Beginners.

  • Build Your Confidence by working through real-world scenarios
  • Build Your Skills with a flexible approach to learning that really works
  • Build Your Career thanks to a skill every business needs right now

Training The Professionals Trust

We’ve put the PPT classes to one side and developed a fully hands-on approach to SailPoint Training that guides you through everything you need to know. It’s about putting you in control, testing your knowledge, and building your skills quickly and efficiently. Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to grow a lucrative career that gives you more options than you can imagine.

Practical Training Makes The Difference

Our scenario-based SailPoint Training Program is designed to teach you real-world skills and strategies faster than any other approach. Not only will you be a big step closer to prestigious SailPoint Certification, you’ll also have the confidence to convince any business or organization that you have the skills they’re looking for. Key concepts covered in SailPoint Advanced training include:-

  • SailPoint Installation and configuration in Windows server
  • Onboarding HRMS Application
  • Integrating LDAP System with SailPoint
  • Integrating Active Directory with SailPoint
  • Exploring Various SailPoint APIs
  • SailPoint WebService Integration
  • SailPoint Database Integration
  • Lifecycle Management in SailPoint
  • Policy & Certification in SailPoint
  • and Many more..

What are the prerequisites for SailPoint Advanced training?

  • Basics of Core Java.
  • A laptop with an internet connection.

Who should take this course?

  • IAM Engineers
  • IT Administrators
  • DBA
  • Developers

About the Instructor: Amit Kumar Gupta is an Identity and Access Management expert. He has already trained many people. His area of expertise is the Oracle Identity Manager, Sailpoint IIQ, Saviynt, OKTA, Cyberark, and Oracle Unified Directory. He simply loves to teach. His videos will say everything about him. You may refer to his YouTube channel here.


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