Sailpoint Free training



The course “Sailpoint Identity IQ Free course training” is designed for students who are familiar with Identity Management tools and have a basic understanding of Java. This course is mainly for demo purposes.

Key concepts covered in Sailpoint Free training

  • Introduction to Identity Management System.
  • Overview of Sailpoint.
  • Various Hardware and Software Requirements for installing Sailpoint iiq.
  • Installing MySQL, JDK, and Tomcat.
  • Defining Sailpoint IIQ Schema.
  •  Deploying Sailpoint Application.
  • Introduction to Aggregation in Sailpoint
  • Onboarding Authoritative applications in Sailpoint
  • Identity Attributes and Mapping in Sailpoint
  • Defining creation rules in Sailpoint.
  • Onboarding Non-authoritative applications in Sailpoint
  • Provisioning Plan


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