Sailpoint Training – Self-paced (Special course)


In SailPoint training, we will cover installation and configuration, workflow, LCM, Lifecycle events, aggregation, provisioning, rules, integration with AD and DB, and many more. For a detailed description click here

Please note – Once you enroll in the course, You will have the access to the videos for the next 90 days.

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Key concepts covered in Sailpoint training includes:-

Overview about Sailpoint

  • Introduction to Identity Management System.
  • Overview of Sailpoint.

Installation and Configuration of Sailpoint

  • Various Hardware and Software Requirements for installing Sailpoint.
  • Installing MySQL, JDK, and Tomcat.
  • Defining Sailpoint IIQ Schema.
  •  Deploying Sailpoint Application.

Aggregation in Sailpoint

  • Introduction to Aggregation in Sailpoint
  • Onboarding Authoritative applications in Sailpoint
  • Identity Attributes and Mapping in Sailpoint
  • Defining creation rules in Sailpoint.
  • Onboarding Non-authoritative applications in Sailpoint

Sailpoint LDAP integration

  • LDAP Basics and installing OUD
  • Defining and Configuring LDAP Application in Sailpoint
  • Provisioning to LDAP using Sailpoint
  • Provisioning policy and configuring the Form in Sailpoint
  • Custom Rules to prepopulate Form Data in Sailpoint
  • Understanding groups in LDAP
  • Basics of LDAP Search
  • LDAP Group Aggregation in Sailpoint
  • Configuring Multivalued Attributes in Sailpoint
  • Various Schema Objects
  • How Authentication and authorization happens
  • Defining Web gate, PEP, Kerberos plugins.

Sailpoint Database Integration

  • JDBC API Basics
  • Realtime Business Use case scenario
  • Provisioning Plan in Sailpoint
  • Custom Before Provisioning Rule in Sailpoint
  • Sailpoint project setup in eclipse
  • Defining Database Application in Sailpoint
  • Custom Provisioning rule in Sailpoint
  • Managing Groups for Database in Sailpoint
  • Writing custom Provisioning rules to support groups

Sailpoint – Attribute Synchronization

  • Understanding Attribute synchronization in Sailpoint
  • Setting up Attribute synchronization for LDAP application in Sailpoint
  • Setting up Attribute Synchronization for JDBC application in Sailpoint

Sailpoint – Active Directory Integration

  • Installing Active Directory
  • Defining AD application in Sailpoint.
  • Understanding and Installing IIQ Service in Sailpoint
  • Customizing the OOTB functionality in Sailpoint.
  • Managing Entitlements and AD Groups in Sailpoint.
  • Business Use case implementation in Sailpoint for AD.

Sailpoint – Service Now Integration

  • Setting up a Service Now instance
  • Downloading and applying the Update Sets in ServiceNow
  • Defining the Service-Now Application in Sailpoint.
  • Provisioning for Users and Group in service-now via Sailpoint
  • Customizing the OOTB functionality for Service-Now connector in Sailpoint.

Sailpoint UI Customization

  • Customizing the Logo and Branding in Sailpoint
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of Sailpoint application.
  • Customizing the Identity, Application Attributes, etc.

Roles in Sailpoint

  • Defining Roles
  • Creating IT and Business Roles
  • Implementing Birthrights using Roles
  • Implementing Real-time Business Use case scenario.

Lifecycle Management in Sailpoint

  • Understanding LCM Basics in Sailpoint
  • Defining OOTB Business Process in Sailpoint
  • Understanding LCM Subprocesses in Sailpoint
  • Custom Joiner Workflow creation in Sailpoint
  • Custom Leaver Workflow creation in Sailpoint
  • Custom Mover Workflow creation in Sailpoint.

Policy and Certification

  • Understanding Policy in Sailpoint
  • Defining Policy in Sailpoint.
  • Defining Detective and Preventive Policy in Sailpoint.
  • Understanding Certification in Sailpoint.
  • Creating custom certification campaign in Sailpoint

What are the prerequisites for getting Sailpoint IIQ training?

  • Basic Identity management terminologies.
  • Basics of SQL
  • Basics of Core Java
  • Willingness to learn Sailpoint IIQ.

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