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What makes our Sailpoint training program different from others?​

  • The entire training program is based on real time use cases. Here we will explain each and every term in leyman approach.
  • It’s full of hands-on practical. Each and every concept will be implemented in Sailpoint Lab environment.
  • No PPT kind of traditional boring classes.
  • WhatsApp group support for lifetime.
  • Unlimited re-take of live classes for next 1 year from the date of enrollment.
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Course Breakdown

Overview about Sailpoint

  • Introduction to Identity Management System.
  •  Overview about Sailpoint.

Installation and Configuration of Sailpoint

  • Various Hardware and Software Requirements for installing Sailpoint.
  • Installing MySQL, JDK, and Tomcat.
  • Defining Sailpoint IIQ Schema.
  •  Deploying Sailpoint Application.

Aggregation in Sailpoint

  • Introduction to Aggregation in Sailpoint
  • Onboarding Authoritative applications in Sailpoint
  • Identity Attributes and Mapping in Sailpoint
  • Defining creation rules in Sailpoint.
  • Onboarding Non-authoritative applications in Sailpoint

Sailpoint LDAP integration

  • LDAP Basics and installing OUD
  • Defining and Configuring LDAP Application in Sailpoint
  • Provisioning to LDAP using Sailpoint
  • Provisioning policy and configuring the Form in Sailpoint
  • Custom Rules to prepopulate Form Data in Sailpoint
  • Understanding groups in LDAP
  • Basics of LDAP Search
  • LDAP Group Aggregation in Sailpoint
  • Configuring Multivalued Attributes in Sailpoint
  • Various Schema Objects
  • How Authentication and authorization happens
  • Defining Web gate, PEP, Kerberos plugins.

Sailpoint Database Integration

  • JDBC API Basics
  • Realtime Business Use case scenario
  • Provisioning Plan in Sailpoint
  • Custom Before Provisioning Rule in Sailpoint
  • Sailpoint project setup in eclipse
  • Defining Database Application in Sailpoint
  • Custom Provisioning rule in Sailpoint
  • Managing Groups for Database in Sailpoint
  • Writing custom Provisioning rules to support groups


Sailpoint – Attribute Synchronization

  • Understanding Attribute synchronization in Sailpoint
  • Setting up Attribute synchronization for LDAP application in Sailpoint
  • Setting up Attribute Synchronization for JDBC application in Sailpoint

Sailpoint – Active Directory Integration

  • Installing Active Directory
  • Defining AD application in Sailpoint.
  • Understanding and Installing IIQ Service in Sailpoint
  • Customizing the OOTB functionality in Sailpoint.
  • Managing Entitlements and AD Groups in Sailpoint.
  • Business Use case implementation in Sailpoint for AD.

Sailpoint – Service Now Integration

  • Setting up a Service Now instance
  • Downloading and applying the Update Sets in ServiceNow
  • Defining Service-Now Application in Sailpoint.
  • Provisioning for Users and Group in service-now via Sailpoint
  • Customizing the OOTB functionality for Service-Now connector in Sailpoint.

Sailpoint UI Customization

  • Customizing the Logo and Branding in Sailpoint
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of Sailpoint application.
  • Customizing the Identity, Application Attributes etc.

Roles in Sailpoint

  • Defining Roles
  • Creating IT and Business Roles
  • Implementing Birth rights using Roles
  • Implementing Realtime Business Use case scenario.

Lifecycle Management in Sailpoint

  • Understanding LCM Basics in Sailpoint
  • Defining OOTB Business Process in Sailpoint
  • Understanding LCM Subprocesses in Sailpoint
  • Custom Joiner Workflow creation in Sailpoint
  • Custom Leaver Workflow creation in Sailpoint
  • Custom Mover Workflow creation in Sailpoint.

Policy and Certification

  • Understanding Policy in Sailpoint
  • Defining Policy in Sailpoint.
  • Defining Detective and Preventive Policy in Sailpoint.
  • Understanding Certification in Sailpoint.
  • Creating custom certification campaign in Sailpoint

About the instructor:

Amit Kumar Gupta is an Identity and Access Management expert. He has already trained many people. His area of expertise is the Oracle Identity Manager, Sailpoint IIQ, OKTA, Cyberark, and Oracle Unified Directory. He simply loves to teach. His videos will say everything about him. You may refer to his YouTube channel here.

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