Identity Classes is delighted to help through a “Helping Hand” sponsorship program for needy people. In addition, for those who can not afford our IAM courses for some reason, we plan to collaborate with them to enhance their IAM knowledge. 

Who can not afford it?

For many of them, the course fee is a big issue. However, if someone’s financial condition is weak, recently lost a job, COVID-19 heavily impacted their career, or planning to switch to IAM-related jobs, they can apply for this sponsorship program. We want to give them a scope to educate themself with the help of our courses.

Why should we care about them?

Nobody should be left behind; Identity Classes took this initiative to make them productive in the future. If they don’t get a fair chance to develop their technical skills, there will be limited options in their career. Most of them cannot achieve a good career without some external help, So, We want to provide them with an equal ground to upskill themselves.

How Can We Help Them?

There is no replacement for learning. You can grow if you learn. The sole purpose of this Helping Hand program is to make some of our courses affordable enough so needy ones can avail the courses. If you are interested in this Helping Hand program, please fill up the form.